About us

We started with what was once an abandoned shell of a vintage ‘83 Frito-Lay® delivery truck and a Cummings diesel engine, has now evolved into a moving fusion of art, food and life. As culinary artists, we want to always deliver beautiful creations to everyone, both visually pleasing and delicious. We will achieve that through our unique food truck on a custom air bag suspension system, hand painted logos and wrapped in reclaimed wood to provide the perfect look for our food.

We are a crossbreed of Southern Italian food, border Mexican cuisine and California lifestyle; naming our truck Caliano. Our logo is the California bear in the middle of the Italian flag. We will continue with our forte, preparing gourmet delights from our wood fire oven, always adding our signature touch of kissing the food with fire. Equipped with a full service kitchen, we will meet and exceed all our catering needs.